Excuse me, can I get two red bean donuts?

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It’s called l o v e.

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words are just a toy that people play with;

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13-18/100 gifs of Dorky Rin

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On official hiatus until 26/11

(Will still be posting every day or every other day)

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—Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)

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And in that moment, we were all Bolin.

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Get to Know Me

4/5 Sad Moments: Kaijou’s loss against Touou

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12 days of snk: favorite female character
↳ mikasa ackerman

"if you think it’s natural for people to sacrifice their own lives to save others, surely you understand that sometimes a single death can save many lives." 

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